Monday, November 10, 2008

Chronicle Redeems Self With Touching Slide Show

OK. Tonight's email from the Muskegon Chronicle is much better (see complaint in previous post). There's a fresh photo and actual news from TODAY.

There's also a nice use of new media by the old print publication: a slide show that accompanies a story about lead paint. There are good photos, accompanied by nice titles with audio interviews from people in the story. Good storytelling by a newspaper that maybe is adapting to new media.

Great PR opportunity as well. PR people should pitch stories specifically for such treatment if they are photogenic or lend themselves to a slide show or short video.

Ironically, one of the campaigns my PR students at Grand Valley are doing is centered in the lead paint issue. They are working with Healthy Homes in Grand Rapids. (Hey students--you know who you are--are you reading my blog?)


amy :: lynn said...

I'm reading! I know, wrong client!

melissa said...

I'm reading(not a client either)! I like my tumblr better,so I haven't converted to the darkside with blogger yet.

melissa said...

Ok, I guess that was a lie since I made one in June and completely forgot that I had it. Probably because I deleted everything off of it. My bad.