Monday, November 24, 2008

Hiring Young Creatives in West Michigan

I notice that area ad and PR firms are hiring. New staff have recently joined established firms including Seyferth and Associates, Lambert Edwards and Associates and Wondergem. I also notice that small former sole practitioners have hired employees, such as Clark Communications. Various business and nonprofit organizations are also hiring PR staff.

At the same time I notice that top CEOs in today's Wall Street Journal indicate that hiring young talent is a top concern for the years ahead. And a current Business Week article asserts that you have to hire this new generation in a new way.

Some feel there is tight competition in finding young creative employees and that will offer the tech savvy needed for the future, especially in the ad and PR business. Others feel the little brats have been coddled for too long and need to know they have to pay their dues working with people who have been working since Gen X was in diapers.

I'm interested in your comments: should you appeal to the interests of young employees to attract and retain them, or should they expect to adapt to your work environment? I'll also add a poll at right.

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