Saturday, November 08, 2008

Muskegon Chronicle Struggles to Adapt to Web

So I get a daily email from the Muskegon Chronicle, which is supposed to be the modern version of having actual paper land in the box in front of my house. But this week's email has had the same photo from election day of two neighbors with different presidential candidate yard signs, and many of the headlines are old news as well.

And now, Saturday evening, when I go to the Chronicle web site, there is no confirmation of today's date. When I click on a top headline, I get a story from Friday. They also use the term "blog" in the headline and "posted by" instead of a conventional byline even if it is a story from the actual paper, thus confusing the news content with the blogs.

Daily newspapers are struggling because they can't figure out a way to adapt to the Internet and a 24/7 news cycle. Confusing the two isn't the answer. Becoming a de facto weekly isn't the answer either.

We'll see if they have caught on yet to the notion that the playing field is leveled these days, and maybe they need to read the content others are publishing about them, or instead of them. If so, I welcome their comments, explanations, apologies, excuses.

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