Thursday, November 06, 2008

Social Media in Your PR Plan

Jack Serpa of Medialink shared this anecdote with me that I think is instructive. A PR professional came up to his booth at the PRSA Conference recently and said she has a Facebook page but doesn't really understand why or how to incorporate social media into her 2009 PR plan.

Jack's answer:

It helps to think of Public Relations in three simple phases. Allow me
to explain. In the first phase, we sent news releases to journalists so
they might publish the story to reach the public. The second phase
started when news releases‑‑sent through a PR wire service‑got published
on websites and reached the public regardless if media published a
story. In the new, third phase the public is a publisher. People online
are publishing opinions about your brand or product with or without you.
If you don't make your content available, the public is publishing about
you without your involvement. That's a dangerous place to leave your
online reputation.

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