Monday, December 22, 2008

Muskegon Uses Social Media to Get on Virtual Map

Here's a good case study in how a community or small business can use social media to gain some recognition.

I checked my morning email and noticed that I am being followed on Twitter by someone or something called Muskegon Directory. So I checked out their Twitter profile.

From there I clicked on the Muskegon Directory web site. As the site states, it's all about "connecting buyers and sellers locally." Local goes beyond Muskegon to include a dozen other communities, from Grand Haven to Whitehall and over to Ravenna and Nunica.

There are some other social media enhancements, including a toolbar to download, and a Muskegon blog (which mostly includes Muskegon area news from the Muskegon Chronicle and WZZZM TV 13).

It was not really obvious who is behind the effort, until I clicked the "about" link on the blog and found that Area Web Solutions LLC, a Muskegon-based firm, is doing the work. As they explain:

We have created this site to provide the public a useful directory of Businesses from Muskegon. we try our best to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible and make every effort to work directly with the Companies that we list and blog about. If you find an inaccuracy, then please contact us at (231) 457-4894 and tell us about it.

(Perhaps someone will alert them to the capitalization errors. Or, if they are truly new media savvy, I just did.)

The site claims to have 90 percent of local businesses in the directory, even though it is still new. They have great potential not just to be an online classifieds section and aggregator of local news, but a source of original content about Muskegon and the surrounding communities.


Jeramie C. said...

Thanks for the nice article and noticing the grammar errors. I'll take note of it. We have big things to come as we put the new project together and always enjoy meeting other like minded people along the way. Let us know if we can help you out in any way.

Warmest Regards,


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