Friday, January 30, 2009

PR and YouTube

It's becoming increasingly clear that PR people are going to have to polish their video skills, or know people who can create and post video online.

There's evidence of this here in West Michigan from all sorts of organizations.  Large MNCs like Amway Global (Quixtar) started its own YouTube Channel. The Grand Rapids Community Foundation posts video to its own web site to announce new initiatives. Today I received an email invitation with a link to a video touting Heartside in downtown GR as a hip, emerging neighborhood. The video lends itself well to this reputation.

Educators like myself need to continually respond to changes in the professional world by adapting and incorporating new knowledge base and skill sets into our curriculum. We need to tell students about new media and get them to think critically and creatively about its  appropriate application to PR. Some students need a little hand holding on this. Other members of this "digital native" population jump on the wagon without prodding. Witness my Bateman PR Campaign team, which has created a web site and posted videos to it in an effort to reach bi-lingual, inner city middle schoolers. (Campaign rules don't let me share the video or details of the campaign just yet).

Anyway, stay tuned. PR and video doesn't just mean VNRs any more.

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