Friday, January 16, 2009

PR to Warm Your Heart, and Toes...

Too often PR gets a bad name because marketing wants to send out press releases that read like an ad or brochure about a product. But here's a nice example of a West Michigan company making PR hay while it's freezing outside--i.e., they found a genuine news hook for their product line. Check it out at WZZM TV 13.


Craig Rich said...

I'm assuming this wonderful grammar gaff was TV-13's and not the press release:

"Their designed to work in a low oxygen environment like your boot."

Kids these days.... ;-)

Tim Penning, APR said...

Good catch. TV staff had to start learnin' to spell once the Internet came along. Either that or they have the IT staff posting stories to the web. I shudder to think it was the PR person.