Friday, January 16, 2009

Shades of Brand Recovery for XRite

I enjoyed this little piece by Chris Knape of the Grand Rapids Press.

West Michigan's own XRite, which specializes in all things color related and recently acquired Pantone, is doing a promotion in a New York Gap store to hype the fact that mimosa is the hot new fashion color. They are also doing a mimosa colored t-shirt giveaway with the Grand Rapids Press.

As executives say, they are leveraging the brands to seek greater reputation for the company this year, after a year of tremendous stock decline (self disclosure: I hold some stock). I like that they are positioning themselves in New York and, while some might think the t-shirt thing is cheezy, they are not neglecting the community in which their HQ is based.

On a related note, XRite has a gorgeous web presence to demonstrate exactly how global their brand is. Gives me a headache thinking about maintaining updates and keeping the brand ID relatively consistent, but they seem to do it seamlessly.

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