Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What PR Students Should Know

The special "Knowledge" section in the current MiBiz couldn't have been more timely. I brought in copies of several articles and referred to them when speaking to my fundamentals and corporate communications classes this week.

An article about teaching communications (featuring yours truly) gives a broad overview of PR education and how programs are responding to changes in technology. I talked a long time with reporter Joe Boomgaard so it was interesting to see what he decided to stress.

There's also an article featuring a panel of WMPRSA members. I shared that with my students as well, stressing the uniform insistence that students understand the difference between PR and marketing and have an ability to write persuasively, among other things.

It made me feel good that I know and admire the professionals in the roundtable article and have exchanged ideas with them regularly. I think that's a "mutually beneficial relationship" between West Michigan practitioners and professors.

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amy :: lynn said...

I thought the Knowledge section was great! I appreciated the special attention to the industry. Great way to start 09!