Saturday, February 07, 2009

Image Group Does Nice Job With New Int Aid Site

Earlier this week I saw a tweet from the Image Group, one of the many Ad/PR related people and organizations I follow on Twitter, announcing the launch of a new web site for International Aid.

I @replied to Image Group that I thought their work on the site was great. But I wanted to mention the site here on my blog as well. 

In addition to a gorgeous and inviting design, the site integrates various social media tools that are increasingly a must in Web sites from a PR perspective. There is also a heavy emphasis on storytelling, which many online PR experts tout as the key way to cut through Internet clutter and engage people. I especially like the smart breaking down of IA's "partners" (i.e. publics) as corporations, churches, etc. This way, people migrating to the site can see a specific and relevant way to engage as a donor, volunteer, or project partner.

Much discussion about PR focuses on corporations. But this site shows that nonprofit organizations, even large NGOs like International Aid, can and should look smart and sophisticated.


Bruce said...

Thanks, Tim, for the encouraging comments. The site is a work in progress, to be sure, but you caught the spirit of what we're trying to create with the Image Group's help.

Jacki said...

Thanks for the feedback Professor Penning.

Our team at International Aid is very excited about the new site and are very lucky to have the expertise of people like Lyndsie Post and her team at TIG helping us with our Web Image.

Those CAP classes at GVSU really pay off! :)
-Jacki Van Hall