Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Amway Global Uses Interns on YouTube Channel

I had heard several months ago from the PR folks at Amway Global that part of their plan to rebrand from Alticor back to Amway was the use of a channel on YouTube.

Now I noticed they have launched a series of videos called "Interns Expose Amway Global" on the channel. The first episode features a former GVSU student of mine and current Amway Global intern, Bethany Johnson, as well as a scientist with more than a gram of humor about laundry products.

The videos are both fun and informative. They provide a good opportunity for interns to get experience using the hip tactic of online video. The video also shows a human face of the company, beyond just executives. I suspect another motive behind this strategy is the desire to position the company not as a network marketing opportunity (which is how many think of Amway, and often negatively), but as a company that actually makes and sells useful products.

I'm hoping to learn more about how the PR team at Amway measures the success of the effort.

P.S. The PR team at Amway obviously monitors social media. They noticed this blog post before I was back from lunch. Also, Bethany Johnson points out that interns are writing about their experiences at the company in the Opportunity Zone blog. Check it out.

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Cynthia said...

Thanks for the shout out, Tim!

If you have any questions on the project, feel free to send them my way. We're very excited about it, and about the second episode where Bethany learns about "tank diving" at our Cosmetics Plant.

We'll be measuring success by the amount of dialogue this generates. We also do frequent repuation studies (online and offline), and will determine if this series is mentioned in verbatims, and if it played a factor in any positive increases we see.