Monday, June 29, 2009

My Comment on Jon and Kate Book...Plus Five...

I took a call last week from Grand Rapids Press reporter Chris Knape, who was asking for a comment about a new book by Kate Gosselin scheduled to be released by Grand Rapids-based Zondervan soon. The issue is that the book, which is touted as a look inside a tight-knit family, will come out shortly after Kate and her husband, Jon, announced they are divorcing.

So my comment appeared in the article the next day. That's not such a big deal. What is interesting is where the comment went from there, which demonstrates the speed and reach of the media, both conventional and blogosphere, these days.

Knape's article was picked up by RNS (Religion News Service). From there it also ran in different forms, but including my comment, in USA Today and the Christian Science Monitor.

From there it went into blogs and social media sites, including the Examiner and Straight from Hel, a blog by freelance editor and publishing advisor Helen Ginger.

Again, my comment is not so interesting. It is interesting that Zondervan's "hometown" paper got the ball rolling on this story. It is also interesting to read the comments in the newspapers and blog sites---free focus group for Zondervan, which has not yet said whether the book will be released as scheduled, canned, or tweaked for later release.


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