Monday, June 01, 2009

Social Media Slam

Last Thursday I attended a "social media slam" organized by LinkedUpGR (A LinkedIn group that can be followed on Twitter @LinkedUpGR), moderated by blogger/consultant Laura Bergells (@maniactive), and hosted at Amway world headquarters in Ada by PR staff Robin Luymes (@SuperDu) and Cindy Droog (@cindydroog).

Laura Bergells was kind enough to videotape those who shared comments at the slam and posted the videos  to her YouTube channel. This link is to video of my chatter, but be sure to click on the related videos of other West Michigan people who shared insights and perspectives on social media.

Here's a quick recap of some notes I jotted at the slam:

  • "Groundswell" is a a highly recommended book on social media; (It is published by the folks at Forrester Research and has an accompanying blog as well);
  • 80-year-olds are using social media too--some for dating!;
  • social media enables others to find out more about you personally (which has both positive and negative implications);
  • it is easy to start in social media, but can be difficult to maintain;
  • creating, monitoring, and responding in social media is increasingly a full-time job--literally--in many organizations;
  • there are lots of people NOT on Twitter yet (as evidenced by a show of hands at the slam);
  • lots of people consider Twitter etc a time issue--how  do you keep up, but yet it's not wise to ignore it;
  • several expressed difficulty getting the boss to understand social media and even allow employees to engage in it; (I would recommend providing the boss objective articles from WSJ or Business Week etc that stress you ignore social media at your organization's peril);
  • people stressed that participation in social media should not be merely personal or trivial but should contribute  constructively to the conversation, whatever that may be given your industry, cause etc;
  • joining "Twibes" (Twitter groups) and other industry or topic-specific groups online is a great way to cut through the clutter and start establishing some meaningful relationships and resources in social media;
  • maintaining control is important, even to the point of taking vacations from social media.
Hope to see more of you at future LinkedUpGR events. Also, Grand Rapids Social Marketing (@grsm) has periodic meet-ups to discuss social media in Grand Rapids/West Michigan. Check out their blog and follow them on Twitter  for more. After all, online is great, but should never replace actual face-to-face interactions.

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