Monday, July 06, 2009

Jump into the "Pool"

The West Michigan network affiliate TV news stations will begin sharing news video in a pool arrangement beginning July 13, according to an announcement from WZZM TV 13 today.

It's heralded as a way of adding efficiency to news gathering. It does make me smirk a bit to think of our region's news directors and AEs collaborating on news assignments. Each station will take raw video and decide how to use it so each station will have a unique treatment and angle on a story--in other words, they still want to compete with each other a little.

I wonder if this will be the end of the breathless, boastful teasers that "we've got a crew on the scene....!" 

In any event, PR pros in West Michigan should think about ramping up their broadcast-quality video abilities and think about regularly providing b-roll to this new TV news video pool. Some might call it spin or an attempt at manipulating the media; but we could also argue that it adds efficiency to news dissemination in the region.

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