Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Firm Focus on Nonprofits in Economic Downturn

An article in the current Rapid Growth caught my eye when it said a new communications firm had a focus on nonprofits. As a practitioner with a background in nonprofits, I appreciate this. But the article also raised a few questions in my mind about the firm, DVK Studio

Primarily, what does "DVK" stand for? Would I trust my brand to a firm whose brand I don't understand? (It's a play on owners' names, but you have to dig to figure it out). Also, what exactly does it mean that the office design is like the Web site? Is it taupe? Does it have a navigation bar? The work displayed is nice, but seems to stress design--a brand is more than a logo and graphic identity. If a 25-year-old is 'seasoned' and a 35-year-old has 'years of experience', is a 45-year-old 'immortal'? A guy can hope. 

Kidding aside, I do like the 'learning, planning, creating' approach, which resembles the RACE process 'seasoned' PR pros and those with a degree in PR understand. They need to stress the Evaluation part more though.

I wish the new venture well. It's nice to see the West Michigan PR and Ad community expand. In the current economic climate, I hope the focus on nonprofit works for them, given the shrinking budgets in a sector that already had tight purse strings. Perhaps that's why DVK Studio, despite the Rapid Growth headline, is hedging by offering its services to "clients of all kinds," including small businesses and corporations. Which brings me back to the brand thing....

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