Friday, September 18, 2009

Why the News Media Are Not That Into You

If you ever wonder why the media don't seem to care about you, here's a real gem.

OK, that's a bad play on the name Wondergem Consulting of Grand Rapids. Kate Washburn and others at the firm produced this fun video as part of their workshop "They're Just Not That Into You" as part of the biennial nonprofit PR workshop sponsored by the West Michigan chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (WMPRSA). 

The video features a series  of clips of reporters and editors from most West Michigan TV and print media outlets, each sharing a reason why they get annoyed or frustrated by PR pros--or non PR people--pitching stories in less than ideal fashion.

It's funny. It's educational. It's right on. I'll be sharing it with a class or two in the future.

It's also a nice effort in brand building by Wondergem, demonstrating that media relations involves actually having relationships with the media, not just blitzing them with self-serving information. Put another way, not just anyone can do media relations well.


amy :: lynn said...

I sat in on their workshop and thought the video was amazing, hilarious, and completely true!

They did a great job.

cynthiadroog said...

Great video, Tim. Thanks for sharing!