Tuesday, November 03, 2009

PR FIrm Uses National Ads for Local Visibility

I was trolling the PRWeek site the other day and noticed an ad placed by Google AdWords. The ad was for Holland, Michigan-based Boileau Communications Management.

I asked myself, is this a case of a local West Michigan firm casting the net wide for some national clients?

Randy Boileau answered me in a phone call yesterday: no.

"We didn't do it (advertise via Google) to stretch out our client base," Boileau said. "We did it because it is effective, low cost, and helps our firm come up higher on the list of search results."

Boileau says 95% of their clients are local or regional, and that the ads have helped raise and maintain the firm's visibility in the region. In fact, the algorithms used by Google have a geographic component, causing the Boileau ads to appear in West Michigan based sites--including GRPR via the AdSense box top right--as well as PR related sites like PRWeek.

Given all this I also asked Boileau why the firm's Web site does not make plain its West Michigan location. Apparently, he has found that the local market recognizes where the firm is based. As for potential national clients, the location is less relevant than the services they offer and the online portfolio demonstrating their talents.

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