Thursday, December 03, 2009

Michigan Radio's West Side Stories Has GVSU Alumni Story

Three comments about this item from the current Rapid Growth Media:

1. This new Michigan Radio podcast called "West Side Stories" is an obvious boon to the West Michigan PR community. Not only will the stories--focused on the west side of Michigan--air on Tuesdays on WVGR 104.1, they will also be podcasts that Michigan radio will have on it's Web site and probably push via its Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. West Michigan PR pros should warm up their pitching arms, since local Michigan radio reporter Dustin Dwyer says he's looking for ideas in the lifestyle genre.

2. Podcasts. Are they on your media lists? They should be. Media isn't just conventional broadcast and print anymore. My advice is to listen before you leap. Make sure the tone and treatment are fair, and that the audience is there, before you start pitching podcasters. Also, PR folks should think about doing their own podcasts--YOU are the media now.

3. Finally, the first episode (which aired November 11) featured a former student of mine--Kelsey Duda. She's the only student I ever had who did internships for both a large PR firm and an African NGO. Now I see how she's put the two together. I've noticed in her tweets that she's been working on a business plan. Turns out it's for Six Stone Jars, a wine business that donates significant proceeds to providing clean water in developing nations. I am so proud.

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