Thursday, March 11, 2010

GVSU Bateman Team Featured in Rapid Growth

My GVSU PRSSA students who are participating in this year's Bateman PR Campaign Competition were featured as part of a larger story on Census 2010 in this week's Rapid Growth.

(If any competing teams are reading this, don't worry--the story is running in March but it was pitched in February in keeping with contest rules.)

The story gives you an idea of the caliber of work of PR students these days. These five students who are mere months away from being professionals put in hours of work this year. And, it is quality work. In developing a PR campaign plan book they do what all students would do in our campaigns class. But they go further by implementing and evaluating the campaign.

They have to get everything in to the judges by the end of this month. Then we'll here if they placed among the 100-plus other teams across the country in mid-April. If they are in the top three, we all go to DC for them to present to judges. If they win that, there is a cash prize and a nice presentation at the next PRSA Conference this fall in DC.

As I tell them, there really are no losers among Bateman competitors. It is a very good learning opportunity. It's also something to show and discuss in job interviews regardless of how they place. It's all about the experience.

If they do win, this amounts to a national championship. I'll be bidding for as much salary as our football coach.

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