Monday, May 17, 2010

Cool Things West Michigan PR People Do

One of the fun aspects of social media for me is hearing about what PR people are up to. So one day last week I asked two West Michigan PR pros to email me some more details based on tweets about cool things they were working on. There are probably many cool things going on among PR people in West Michigan, but here are two that I just heard about.

Craig Clark of Clark Communications mused on Twitter (@ClarkCom) that his day was interesting, ranging from routine to emailing the White House. When I asked him why, he said he was trying to encourage President Obama to use one of his health care clients as a backdrop for a possible healthcare speech during an upcoming visit to Kalamazoo. "It's surprisingly easy to access the White House communications team," Clark told me. Also, ironically, he said he "had to contact some Republican friends to get Democrat contact information." Good to know bi-partisanship works in public relations.

Meanwhile, Derek DeVries of Grand Rapids Community College tweeted (@DerekDeVries) about potential PR work in Lyon, France. GRCC, known for its culinary arts program, hosted tryouts for the U.S. team to compete in the "Le Coupe do Monde de la Patisserie" international pastry competition to be held in Lyon next January. DeVries did a stellar job promoting the event here in Grand Rapids, including media relations and social media. Now he is working with GRCC faculty member Chef Gilles Renusson (who is also the president of the nonprofit organization that manages the international competition) to get grant funding so he can go to Lyon and take photos and post updates of the competition via social media.

Public relations can involve tedium and stress. But you have to admit, it can also be pretty cool.

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