Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lambert Named to National '40 Under 40' List

Jeff Lambert, president and managing partner of Lambert, Edwards & Associates, was named to PR Week's list of 40 "early influencers" (subscription required for full article), or practitioners under 40 years old.

Lambert was the only one on the list from Michigan. He and LEA, which serves 100 clients in 11 states, represent West Michigan well on a list that includes some of the biggest agencies and organizations in the world.


Anonymous said...

Three clients he doesn't talk much about:
Cybernet (Barton Watson)
Duane Faust ("mystery project")
Hangar42/Jack Buchanan

Jeff Lambert said...

Dear Anonymous (a.k.a. Coward):
We are advocates for our clients, but not all of them turn out to be who they say they are (Cybernet), sometimes their visions don’t become reality (RiverGrand), and other times they fight against public perception that is not fully informed (Hangar42). I don’t regret our work for any one of them (particularly given that we resigned Cybernet based on our own due diligence and got paid every dime we were owed), despite your intimation that they are scars on our reputation.

Your criticism and desire to tear me down, likely because you work for one of my competitors based on your fascination with our clients, is bitter and sad.
Jeff Lambert

Lindsey Rodarmer said...

Jeff, well said! I applaud your honesty and transparency. As a fellow PR Practioner, WMPRSA Board Member and PR instructor at Davenport University, I know it can be difficult to know absolutely everything about clients, no matter how much in-depth research you do or how many years you work with or for an organization.

To Anonymous: Please, provide me the name of one organization or individual you know that has had every single new idea or concept go exactly as planned and knew every possible fact in advance!