Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The 'PR in Practice' Project--Nonprofit PR

I am on sabbatical this fall to work on an instructional DVD for use in my "Fundamentals of PR" course. I am interviewing public relations practitioners in a variety of settings to show students that PR is a broad field, practiced in a variety of contexts. Hence the name of the DVD: "PR in Practice."

As I complete sections of the DVD, I will be posting them to YouTube, with links and embeds on this blog. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel (penningink) or at any time click on the YouTube button at right. Alerts will also go out via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

First up is Keri Larsen (now Kujala--got married after filming). A GVSU alumna, she works at St. Mary's Hospital and its fundraising arm, the Doran Foundation. Her title is Coordinator of Special Events and Donor Relations. Her job has her doing lots of different types of PR work, but the emphasis on events makes her a popular target for PR students who want to do internships with her.


Anonymous said...

Your DVD sounds like a great project and one that will have real impact. I'm pleased to see Keri explained events aren't all glitz and glamour. Look forward to the rest in the series.
Anne Veltema

Tim Penning, APR said...

Thanks Anne. And yes the comment about events not all being fun is a great message. A colleague of mine in North Carolina says too many students think PR means riding in a limo with a hip-hop star:-)

Stephanie Rice said...

Very cool video & idea overall. Looks like this will be a great addition to PR classes at GVSU. I am also looking forward to the rest of the interviews... wondering who is going to be featured next!

Liz Bridgen said...

A really timely post, thanks for posting this in the week before the new academic year began - I now have some very current material for my first lectures! It's always valuable for students to hear how organisations use communication channels in the 'real world' and to see that PR can be practiced without a celebrity or a Machiavellian spin doctor in sight!

PRWeekend said...

A great interview! Thank you very much for sharing it! :)