Tuesday, November 02, 2010

'PR in Practice': Government PR

Just in time for election day, the latest chapter in the "PR in Practice" project is out and the focus is government PR.

In this episode, I chat with Kevan Chapman, Communications Director for U.S. Congressman Vernon Ehlers. Ehlers is retiring at the end of this term--his replacement will be decided today. But the comments from Chapman about the PR role are broadly applicable to all professionals and students aspiring to have a PR job working for a politician.

Among the interesting things I learned is that many PR pros specialize on either the political campaigns or serving once in an official is in office. Some cross over, but I'm told that's rare. Also, while campaigns use polls almost constantly as part of their research and fuel for strategy, congressional offices are not allowed to do broad scientific polls beyond a feedback poll in a constituent newsletter. It has to do with time and expense for a public office. See what Kevan Chapman says they do for research and evaluation instead.

You can see the video on my YouTube channel (or click icon at right), where other videos in the 'PR in Practice' series are uploaded. Or watch it right here below:

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