Thursday, November 18, 2010

'PR in Practice': Sports PR

Lots of students want to go into sports PR. They think it would be fun to have a job where you are around pro athletes and get to see games for free. Well, nothing wrong with that. But as Randy Rice, PR Manager for the Grand Rapids Griffins hockey team, will tell you, there's also a lot of basic PR work involved.

You need to know how to write, just like in any other PR job. And the media coverage is not automatic, even for a popular team like the Griffins. They compete with other sports, major league sports, and popular high school sports for attention in the media. So, a lot of what Randy and his co-workers do is provide their own coverage on their web site.

Learn more about a typical job in sports PR from Randy either on my YouTube channel or by viewing the video embedded below.

Remember, other videos in the 'PR in Practice' series are on my YouTube channel as well.

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