Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Rockford Man, GR Studio Star in SuperBowl Chrysler Ad

There's been a lot of buzz in West Michigan about the Chrysler ad that aired during the SuperBowl. It made people proud of Detroit and Michigan.

However, some skeptics, including yours truly, wonder how the ad would resonate nationally. The scenes were of cold, industrial Detroit. There was an unmistakable sense of pride but co-mingled with self-pity. It seemed to be a city from the past, especially juxtaposed with another SuperBowl ad from BMW about their Spartanburg, South Carolina manufacturing center. While it had more conventional production values and less drama, it was about America--"designed in America, built in America"--and was bright, clean, and warm.

But if we are going for localized pride, at least we can be proud that the Chrysler ad, although produced by Portland, Oregon based Wieden+Kennedy, had some local talent. That included the voice over by Rockford resident Kevin Yon, as the Freep reports. And at least Wieden+Kennedy partnered with Grand Rapids based Sound Post for the audio recording.

Consumers around the country won't likely know or care about the source of the V.O. and audio work, any more than they'll be moved to buy a car because a city cries out in painful pride. But the ad community knows, and that's a score.

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