Friday, February 03, 2012

New MLive Grand Rapids Contact Info

The Grand Rapids Press completed its digital conversion and physical move to a new hub yesterday.

Here's the contact info for news staffers.

A few things for PR people to notice:

  • The title "producer" is not just for TV anymore. Think about offering b-roll and other video opportunities to the newspaper when you pitch stories.
  • Some of the staffers focus statewide as well as local. Keep scope of audience in mind when pitching.
  • They have a 'Today Show' style room with glass wall right on the sidewalk in their new space downtown for video interviews. Bring clients and yourself over there for interviews in advance of and/or in addition to the article coverage you pitch.
  • Every reporter has social media contact information in addition to email. A phone, apparently, is not for actually calling anymore, but for email and engagement. So follow your key beat reporters and editors on Facebook and Twitter. This is best for getting a sense of reporters' interests. Pitching via social media requires some savvy because it is done in public. So use your judgment there.
Back to work everyone.

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