Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GR's People Design Authors Brand Identity Book

I was reading through the book review section of the latest Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly before a class earlier this week, and the words "Grand Rapids" jumped out at me from one review.

Turns out the authors of a new book on brand identity are all members of the Grand Rapids advertising design firm People Design. Specifically, the authors are Kevin Budelman, Yang Kim, and Curt Wozniak.

The book, the fourth in a series of 'essentials' books by Rockport Publishing, is "Brand Identity Essentials: 100 Principles for Designing Logos and Building Brands."  As the author's say on their own web site

"The book lays a foundation for brand-building, defining the tools and building blocks, and illustrating the construction of strong brands through examples by world-class design strategists."

The journal reviewer took issue with the order of presentation of some of the principles, and the brevity of text explaining and justifying them. However, it is recommended for the many examples provided.

As such, the book might be a valuable resource for advertising and public relations pros who want to enhance their understanding of branding, or who understand it conceptually but need help with the design aspect of it.

I bought the book as a resource to add to my crowded shelves. Also, since the firm is from Grand Rapids, it's another way to 'buy local.'