Monday, July 22, 2013

'Breakfast on the Farm' Cultivates Good PR

My wife and I attended a "Breakfast on the Farm" event on a recent Saturday. It sounded interesting, and yes, there was free breakfast included.

A program of the Michigan State University Extension, Breakfast on the Farm was started in 2009 and since has treated thousands to free breakfast and tours of a working farm in many locations around Michigan.

I was impressed with the organization of the event from a public relations standpoint. Visitors are herded (pun intended) to the breakfast tent first. While standing in line they can read a variety of informational signs about agriculture in Michigan. Once in the breakfast tent, visitors receive a brochure with a map highlighting by number the various educational stops on a self-tour of the host farm. Farmers--not just the host family but those from all over the county--man the different points on the tour to answer questions.

We learned a lot. We learned about the various farming methods and processes. We learned that agriculture is a significant part of the state's economy. We learned that not all farmers live on a family farm, but many drive to work on a farm just like those who work in factories and offices. We also learned that there is a lot of knowledge, technology, regulation, and planning that goes into farming.

In short, it was a fun and educational morning. It's also a good example of public relations in the agriculture sector, particularly as an experiential event and putting a face on farming.

Breakfast was good too.

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